Simple record and playback


ELC's range of DMX controllers and recorders can capture and replay data from a DMX line, manually or automatically.


Versatile network nodes

dmXLanNode6X 200x100

Bi-directional Ethernet-DMX-RDM nodes that are fully programmable with PC/MAC dmXLAN software.


Hands free control

focushand3 200x100

Wireless hand-held rigging control that can be used as a backup.


Free network software

dmxlanv4 screen shot 200x100

Much more than network setup... the NEW dmXLAN v4 provides all the data you need to optimise and analyse your Ethernet network in real time.



Introducing ELC

ELC Lighting is based in The Netherlands and has been developing lighting systems since 1994. Its development team comprises practitioners who are designing network products with the benefit of practical hands-on experience in the field. 

ELC products have an international reputation and are sold around the world in more than 25 countries, supported by a network of specialist distributors. More about us...

RDM compatibility

RDMELC's range of DMX distribution is fully compatible with the latest RDM recommendations, and features bi-directional and 'thru' connections for RDM.

Optimised Ethernet distribution

ethernetEthernet applications in the entertainment technology sector are not the same as in an office enviroment. High-speed, capacity, high reliability and silence are demanded by users. ELC products are designed to meet those standards.

Product evolution from experience

clients The ELC development team was, and still is, involved in 'hands-on' live events. That's how ELC products evolve to meet the exact needs of the users.

From epic to intimate networks

schools A lighting network based on Ethernet and DMX isn't just for arena events and opera houses. ELC products are found in the drama studios and architectural lighting applications from restaurants to conference centres.

PC & Mac software resources

software Software can be downloaded from this site to program your DMX recorders, and to setup and manage a complete Ethernet network with ELC dmXLAN nodes and switches.

Technical information

datasheetYou can find technical data sheets, user manuals and product guides for all ELC products on this site.


Free ELC Network Guide

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